Ringwood Actions for Climate Emergency (RACE) asked us to design 2 display boards for their biodiversity project at Poulner Lakes.

RACE have worked with Ringwood Town Council to plant the area near Poulner Lakes with trees and create a richer habitat. They required a couple of eye catching designs to inform visitors to the area about their project, and about the species that are seen thereabouts.

One board will be displayed in the summer, showing samples of trees and associated facts. In the winter they will display the second board, featuring birds which visit the area. A QR code has been added so that visitors can find out more about the trees and wildlife in the area by going online and viewing a dedicated page on the RACE website.

Our designs incorporate some lovely original species watercolours by our illustrator, and definitely live up to the brief RACE gave us.

Ringwood display board 1The summer board


Ringwood display board 2The winter board