About SANG sites

SANG refers to ‘Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace’. The provision of a SANG site may be stipulated by the planning authority when a new development impacts a nearby ecologically sensitive area. By providing an attractive, natural space for new (and existing) residents to walk and explore, human impact on the protected zone can be minimised.
Natural England has outlined the general requirements for SANG sites, which include:

  • SANGs should be clearly sign-posted or advertised. They may require leaflets and or websites advertising their location to potential users. Leaflets should be distributed to new homes in the area and to be made available at entrance points to car parks
  • Access points should have signage outlining the layout of the SANG and the routes available to visitors
  • Car parks must be easily and safely accessible by car and should be clearly sign posted
  • The accessibility of the site must include access points appropriate for the particular visitor use the SANG is intended to cater for

We can research, design, and produce all interpretation materials required under planning obligations. As we deliver and install we are a true one-stop-shop for ecological interpretation. Click here for more details about interpretation as part of ecological mitigation strategies.